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Turn Tapwater Into Active Ozone Water

Industrial Strength. Aqueous ozone produced by Enozo kills 99.9% of some of the most harmful bacteria when used as directed. Just add water!

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Ozonated Water is The Key to Safer Sanitation

The EnozoPRO Spray Bottle is a perfect for sanitizing Restaurants, Schools and the Office — and for your everyday use!

The Power of Active Ozone

Ozone is a natural oxiding agent — it chemically changes bacteria and viruses on its path to sanitizing, cleaning and killing odors.

ozone water sanitizer spray bottle


Enozo Spray Kills up to 99.9% of harmful bacteria and is FDA-approved as Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS).

aqueous ozone cleaning


Destroys foul odors without chemicals, dyes or fragrances — aqueous ozone is the perfect hypoallergenic cleaning agent.

deodorizer ozone water spray bottle


Ditch the synthetic chemicals. Enozo spray leaves no residue behind and doesn't irritate those with sensitive skin.

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Fruit sprayed with Aqueous Ozone:

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